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The women of MAPCW traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in December 2018 and 2019 with a goal to make an exchange with other girls and women of color. In support of Pastor and business woman, Lucy Ndegwa, founder of the Gathiga Children's Hope Home, MAPCW is honored to share in the work that will add to the quality of life and community, for our young daughters and sisters, of East Africa.

In partnership with the "Paint Our Future" organization and CecureData, LLC, MAPCW has  provided a STEM Mentoring Camp for over 50 children and youth. In partnership, we installed  routers for internet access and were able to fund the building of a video conference center, erected by the skilled, hardworking, young men of the Gathiga village in just five days!              Such technology has enabled the village women, and children to engage academically and professionally with the rest of the world. To God be the Glory!


This year, as in times past we will engage in week-long camps and workshops, emphasizing wellness and mental health. Age-appropriate teaching, counseling, activities and workshops will be conducted by the professional women of the MAPCW team. We are declaring TRIUMPH  over Trauma in every aspect of life for our African Sisters and Daughters!  Food will be provided daily, as well as workshop and mental health materials.


For more information on the Gathiga Children's Hope Home and its founder, Lucy Ndegwa, please visit  Thank you in advance for supporting our international efforts and for partnering with us in our work with women of color, all across the world.  God bless you!

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