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The Junia Project

The Junia Project is a college mentoring and empowerment initiative of MAPCW. Female, freshmen and sophomore students of color are matched with a professional woman of color who will encourage and support them academically, emotionally and spiritually. Matches are made for the duration of one semester, providing a student with virtual and "in-person" access to a mentoring coach. Virtual and/or in person connections are held, monthly and supervised by a program director and a licensed therapist. 


The Junia Project sustains female college students with hope and power so they can finish well. The consistent, accessible presence of a caring, resourceful adult undoubtedly offers the guidance and encouragement needed as our young sisters navigate college life for the first time, especially during a pandemic. With personal and academic goal setting as the primary focus, a "Junia Mentoring Coach" is poised and ready to share the journey of our young protégé's college preparedness and success. 

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