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MAPCW 2021 : Pouring Into the Powerful Pandemic Lives of Black Girls

In spite of their anxieties and frustrations, beautiful, brilliant, black female high school seniors and college students are making their mark in the world as they move through the uncharted waters of this pandemic. Did you know that since the start of the pandemic, youth and young adults, particularly students of color have led the way in anxiety and depression? I mean, hey...if a pandemic happened to us during our high school or early college years, which one of us would not show signs of deep sadness and fear of tomorrow? Just imagine being quarantined with all your siblings, your parents, or your grand parents who may or may not have lost their jobs. Imagine having just one shared computer, no outdoor or extra school activities and no connections to your friends or favorite teachers. I. Simply. Can not. Imagine.

Earlier this year, the CDC shared that "connection" will be key in restoring hope and emotional stability back into the lives of our young people. Intentional connection will be the cure for reducing the overwhelming rates of anxiety and depression attempting to consume the hearts and minds of our younger generation. Even with all of the "cancel culture" and uncertainty around us, MAPCW realizes the power of "presence" and "connection". So, throughout the entire year of 2021, MAPCW is dedicated to providing free virtual and in person mentoring, as well as free programming for the young black women, blazing the trail, behind us.

Our 200 plus team of MAPCW professionals stand ready to make caring connections with our younger sisters during the pandemic and beyond. Whether it's a listening ear, a question about a career path, emotional and mental support, or a word of prayer, MAPCW remains committed to pouring into the lives of our girls.

If you would like to learn more about our 2021 programming initiatives, or interested in becoming a MAPCW mentor send us a quick text by clicking the purple tab. If you happen to be one of our "lil sisters" interested in receiving a MAPCW Mentor, text us in the same way! One of our team members will reach out to you with next steps! Hang in there, my we make it to the other side! -Dr. Felicia


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